I have been traveling for most of my life from the wonderful world right here in the US to the beautiful countries  within Europe, the UK, and Central America. Traveling is such an important part of my life and I like to emphasize this wanderlust I have because being a world traveler provides me with a new perspective and approach in my day to day life & work!

Travel Photography

(all photos featured on this page were taken by me!)



Bound for Belize

In Belize I ventured inland to San Ignacio where I studied the culture and documentary filming. I got the chance to speak with local business owners as they described their way of life here in Belize. I documented San Ignacio through images and amazing conversations as locals artists showed me how they engraved stones with their ancient gods or painted their businesses in the vibrant colors of Belize and even got the chance to learn how to make traditional meals. 

I then traveled on a very tiny boat out to an island off South Water Caye. Here I learned underwater photography and videography and got to snorkel and explore the wonderful corals and sea life in Belize.



Study Abroad in Scotland

Last year I got the amazing opportunity to live in Edinburgh, Scotland and study there. From the grand highlands to the fantastic city of Edinburgh, I gained a new perspective of the world and all the wonders it holds. Here I studied the Old Scots texts and famous Scottish & Irish authors that became a foundation for Scotlands culture. I perfected my writing skills abroad as well as adventuring into the wee corners of Scotlands highlands to practice my photography, film making, as well as social media (my trip to Loch Ness went Tik Tok Viral). The people were wonderful and the sites I will never forget!