My Social Media Management Work

Wit & Whim

Long Island, NY

What is Wit & Whim?

Wit & Whim is a unique local vintage and curiosity shop in my town. They specialize in promoting local businesses by selling handmade and small business items from jewelry to decor to bath products & holistic remedies. 

Check out their Instagram here

What I Did for Them

I was a customer to them for awhile and this summer I wanted to help them with their business. I offered to help run their social media to increase their viewership and customers. They needed more cohesive and centralized posts so I started doing more creative photoshoots and reels to display their unique products and give a new light to them. I recently created a Tik Tok account for them to promote their store location and online site by making trending videos to show off all that this amazing small business had to offer!

Check out their Tik Tok Here

Film Marketing

"Cherry Pie" Short Film

I recently wrote, directed and did marketing for my own short film called "Cherry Pie." Promoting a short film takes a lot of work and was extremely important for the success of the film. I began by setting up an instagram for the film, creating teaser posts and graphics to get people curious about the film. I then began setting up fundraisers using GoFundMe and Facebook promotions to help gain donors to support the film. I made sure to capture the behind the scenes when filming so audiences became invested in the project and felt a connection with the cast and crew. Due to my promotions our opening night premiere was packed in the theatre!


Online Radio Station

One of my first social media management projects was my sophomore year of college where I was the RIU2 program director. I felt that the online student station at my university should be on social media so I started up an instagram page and designed RIU2 a logo to promote our online radio station around campus

Check out RIU2 on Instagram Here

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