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I have been running my own personal social media accounts for almost a decade now. When social media started to become popular and a world wide phenomenon with the creation of Instagram and Tik Tok, I won't lie, I was very skeptical. I always was a very private person but heard-mentality made me download and set up all social media accounts. Over the years I have grown to love social media for its amazing opportunities to explore new things and connect better with people. 

Now with almost 1000 followers amidst my social media platforms I use my content to connect with friends, family and people all around the world. I document my travels, adventures and life achievements on there and its wonderful to capture each important moment of your life and display it to all. 

I am currently active on Instagram, Tik Tok, Facebook, Youtube & Snapchat

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You can follow me and check out more of my content @alli_mags

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Check out my Tik Tok videos- from trends to baking to travel videos!


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