My Approach to Social Media/Digital Content

My goal when working as a social media manager is to increase audience awareness of the company and cater to a diverse generation range

How Do I Achieve This?










The best way to develop an audience in my experience has been to have a more human approach in a very technology driven world. Audiences want to see relatable content and develop a connection with media content. In order to reach your audience you need to stay up to date with constantly shifting trends. Luckily, since I am an avid participant in many social media platforms I follow closely and am involved in the shifting world of social media. 


Social Media is bringing us into a whole new age and lifestyle and in order to succeed in it we need to be aware of the world its now created (and catering too). These days audiences have short attention spans, which isn't surprising with how quick and accessible information and entertainment is. I approach my audiences with fast-paced social network viewers in mind. This means I like to create short but impactful videos/posts. Quick videos that contain just the right amount of information, but still entices the viewer to check out more content and invest their time. 


Looks are everything, especially when it comes to social media and digital content. We are becoming a very visual society. All it takes is one really good edited picture, with appealing colors and a unique aesthetic and you are racking in the likes. While captions and written content are important, it's the image that comes first because it's what draws in your viewer. I make sure to incorporate well edited photos and videos that focus on one subject and aesthetically calls attention to what one is trying to sell or promote. I have been doing film making, editing and photography for over five years now and have learned to create images and videos that call to the modern day audience. 


Learning from your current content is always important before going forward with new posts and productions. I always analyze the responses and how well content does whether they're recent or old posts. How many likes did it get? What were the comments, if any? How many views did it get? Interactions with your social media content is always a plus, so if your last post didn't get many likes maybe change your direction. There isn't an exact science to how people, including my self, approach social media but you can learn and adapt to grow your company through digital content. 

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